Document Scanning Services

Are you planning to make your office go paperless but don’t know how to do it.

Document Scanning Services

Do you want the transition process from paper documents to electronic files be a secure and smooth one? If yes, you have come to the right place. We are equipped with our high-speed, high-precision, and high-volume platform scanners, which support short-term, long-term and on-demand scanning projects for various industries.

Whether you need to scan a million or a handful of documents, or need special scanning and imaging services for fragile rare documents and newspapers, microfilms, or large-format documents, we can do them all and more. Each of our document scanning projects is handled with enormous precision and safety, ensuring us to preserve the reliability and integrity of your sensitive and confidential files.

Why you need document scanning services?

Irrespective of the industry you belong to, converting your records to digital format and going paperless would bring several benefits your way. If you are still in a dilemma about whether you should take this route, consider how easy and quick it would be to easily access your documents with the click of a button rather than spending time and money to search through cabinets and files full of information. With better organized and indexed documents, you can search, find, retrieve and distribute them efficiently and quickly, which in turn would improve productivity and customer service.

In addition, you can ensure more efficient use of office space by using our document scanning services and eliminate the risk of losing important information in case the paper documents are lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed. By ensuring secure storage and integration (into all common ERP, ECM, DMS systems as well as other workflow tools) of your documents, we help your transition to a paperless office with increased efficiency.

What we offer

We have the expertise and tools required for scanning and digitizing a wide range of documents (as mentioned below) for clients across all industries.

  • Paper Documents: Small to large projects and anything in-between, we can scan paper documents of any size or type efficiently and timely.
  • Large Format Documents: Engineering plans, drawings, maps, blueprints and more, we can scan all your large format documents.
  • Books: From manuals and textbooks, to ledgers, notebooks, historical texts and more, let us help you get them all digitized.
  • Microfilm and Microfiche: We have the tools and expertise to handle high-quality image capture (with excellent image resolution) from film-based media.
  • Films and Photos: We are capable of handling high-quality capture of slides, photographs, and negatives.
  • Magazines and Newspapers: Be it millions of pages of bound volumes of magazines or loose issues of newspapers, we have scanned them all and can do it again for you.
  • Technical Manuals: We can help you convert your technical paper documents, manuals, folders and binders easily accessible in the electronic format.
  • On-Site Scanning (available on request): If you can’t send us your documents due to their sensitive nature or any other reason, our team will come to you and scan them on-site.

Some notable features of our document scanning services include:

  • Scanning of files in both black-and-white and color
  • Identifying and eliminating blank pages and other irregularities to preserve a clean file structure
  • Indexing the scanned files according to client specifications to enable speedy search options and the highest degree of clarity
  • Choosing the scanned data format (from JPG, PDF, or TIFF) and index data format (from TXT, XML, Excel or Access)
  • Integrating the scanned files into all common ERP, ECM, and DMS systems; we may even hand over all your files on electronic data carriers

Our qualified team handles all our scanning services, and every step of the entire process is documented and made available to you at all times. Once the process is complete, we return all your files. In case you want to destroy your documents and files in a manner compliant with the data protection rules, you may hire our affiliates to provide you with such services.

Why choose us

An experienced and dedicated team at work

All our document scanning services are executed under the watchful eyes of our highly trained project managers. They, together with our QC technicians and scan operators, ensure that all your documents are processed perfectly with the utmost care.

A seamless transition to paperless office

Our final goal is to bring you the highest possible image quality and precise index data to make your electronic documents work for you. We execute the entire process with as little disturbance to your daily business operations as possible, thus making the transition fast and seamless.

A robust security system in place to ensure clients’ data security

We have a robust security measure in place to ensure your sensitive and/or delicate data remains confidential and protected during the entire process.

If you want to go paperless and make your operations faster and efficient by ensuring easy and quick access to the required information in addition to freeing up valuable office space and securing your data, contact us today!


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