Google Ads Campaign

If you are trying to bring in more leads with paid search advertising, you should direct your focus on Google AdWords.

Google Ads Campaign

Being the leader among paid search advertising platforms, AdWords let you use the most relevant and specific modes to target your customers. Whether you need to set up your AdWords campaign from the ground up or want to tweak your existing campaign for better results, our AdWords specialists can help.

If you are wondering why you need Google AdWords, you will find many reasons. For one, this leading tool with the most sophisticated paid search platform strongly surpasses competitors like Bing Ads. With AdWords, you are allowed to set a daily budget for every campaign you run, and select bids for each keyword and ad group.

To make your campaigns better targeted, you can leverage various features of campaign settings like ad schedules, mobile device settings, and location settings. Additionally, you can shortlist relevant keywords and check their strength using the AdWords Keyword Planner to ensure your Google AdWords campaigns are aligned to your business goals. You also get to use Quality Score assigned by AdWords to each keyword in your account that plays a key role in determining an ad’s cost per click and rank on Google Search.

For any business, leads and conversions matter the most. With Google AdWords, you can generate an increasing number of visits and leads, which would eventually turn into your customers and help your business to grow and thrive. But AdWords works only if you can make it work the right way. Let our AdWords specialists do it right for you.

From understanding your business objectives, geography, and budget, to studying your competitors, and other factors, we consider every important aspect to plan your AdWords strategy and execute it while monitoring the results closely. We have the expertise to position your ads high on Google’s search results pages, which would help your site attract more web traffic and get more leads, a sizable number of which will get converted into sales.

What we offer

We can create from scratch or fine tune your Google AdWords campaign, which involves:

  • Doing keyword research
  • Selecting proper keyword match types
  • Organizing your ad campaigns and ad groups
  • Implementing negative keywords
  • Auditing your landing pages and implement changes required for improved conversions
  • Lead tracking, validation, and reporting
  • Analyzing AdWords activity of your competitors
  • Crafting targeted ads that help you get qualified clicks and set you apart from your competitors
  • Putting up remarketing campaigns
  • Crafting ad extensions
  • Faster and better review and follow-up of leads
  • Tracking and analyzing your campaign’s performance on a range of metrics such as geography, keywords, bids, ads, click through rates, conversions, placements and queries
  • Integrating AdWords with Google Analytics reporting
  • Creating new ads, keywords, and ad groups, as and when necessary
  • Creating and executing conversion codes
  • Precise calculation of ad campaign ROI based on the number of sales leads it generates

Why choose us

Let experts do what they do best

Apart from our extensive understanding of the extremely complex and constantly changing paid search advertising platform of Google Adwords, we have in-house copywriting and design experts, who can create high-impact ads and effective pay-per-click landing pages to bring you the best results.

Beat your competition

We always stay updated on new research, trends and upcoming changes, which empowers us to keep your campaign relevant, innovative and a step ahead of your competition.

Our services are rooted in transparency, and respect for your time and money

We take pride in offering honest pricing for our services with no sudden, additional or hidden charges. We value and respect both your time and money, and aim to offer you the best value for money.

Reach us today to get started with your Google Adwords campaign or have our experts analyze your present campaign to get improved results.


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