Whitepaper Designing

In the B2B landscape, whitepapers are a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.

Whitepaper Designing

Containing well-researched and informational content backed by dependable sources, whitepapers not only educate your prospects about your offerings but even position you as a thought leader.This would eventually complement your selling process. However, designing whitepapers to make them interesting with brilliant visuals, graphs, infographics and other elements is an expert’s job.

That’s why you should trust our team of designers who are adept in making whitepaper designs cohesive with your corporate identity to draw readers in and hold their attention to meet your whitepaper’s informational and commercial goals.

In case you are still wondering why you should use well-designed, content-rich whitepapers, consider a few factors. Whitepapers are primarily written as unbiased objective pieces with the aim of providing readers with in-depth information and comprehensive analyses of the subject. From industry trends, reports and futuristic evaluations, to pain-points and their solutions, the subject matters can be varied.

Since whitepapers are backed by research and present valuable information without pressurizing prospects into buying from you, they act as a publicity tool for your business and position you as a thought leader in the industry. At the same time, they make your prospects better aware of a problem, its technical or other complex aspects, and the solutions on offer.

As a result, when these prospects eventually decide to enquire about your products and/or service or decide to buy, they are better informed. In addition, by positioning your whitepapers as a treasure trove of premium content, you can generate leads and may even get some publicity if your information-rich whitepapers get passed around.

These are the key reasons why you should take whitepapers seriously and get them designed like a pro to leverage their power.

What we offer

  • Custom whitepaper design: We help to make your whitepaper interesting, attention-grabbing and enticing. Since whitepapers are usually informative guides about a complex subject, they often contain a lot of text, facts, data and graphs. However, these elements alone would make the whitepapers tedious to read and boring. Our custom whitepaper design service includes proper formatting, aesthetic layout and eye-grabbing placement of graphical and other visual elements of your whitepaper. We don’t use cookiecutter templates. All our whitepapers are custom designed. With us, you can be assured of getting an elegant asset with interesting, user-friendly and effective messaging.
  • Whitepaper redesign: If your existing whitepaper isn’t bringing you the desired results (in terms of user engagement, lead generation etc), we can redesign it to ensure it meets your business goals.
  • Whitepaper design consultation: Whether you need tips to design a whitepaper, or want to understand what works and what doesn’t, our expert consultation services can help.

Why choose us

We know what makes whitepapers work

We have in-depth expertise in every aspect of whitepaper design – from colors and layout, to font type, front cover, visual element placement and more. With us, you can rest assured that your whitepaper is in the right hands.

Design whitepapers matching your branding

We have the skills and technical know-how to create eye-grabbing whitepapers that match your branding guidelines – from logos and colors, to customized fonts, formatting and more.

Value for money

Excellent whitepaper design services at affordable rates – it surely can’t get better than this!

Reach us to get your whitepaper designed today!

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